Asking for directions (Verbos Modais)

Asking for directions
(Verbos Modais)

Charles is from England. He was traveling around the USA(1), but he got lost(2). So he asked for directions(3) to a police officer

Charles: Excuse me(4), can(5) you help me? I need some information

Police officer: Sure!(6) How can I help you?

Charles: Can you tell me how can I get to(7) the airport? What’s the best way(8) to get there?

Police oficer: Well, You have 3 options. You can take(9) a taxi, but it is a little expensive(10). You could(11) also(12) take the subway(13), but the subway station is far from here(14) and it may be(15)  crowded(16) now. So I think you should(17) definitely(18) take a bus. It is cheaper(19) and there is a bus stop(20) near here(21).

Charles: Great! So where can I take the bus?

Police officer: That’s easy. Just walk two blocks and turn left at the traffic light(22). Then you need to cross the stree(23)t to get to the bus stop. But you must be careful(24) when crossing it because it is very busy.

Charles: Thank you very much for your information!


1.      traveling around the USA = viajando pelos Estados Unidos
2.      He got lost = ele se perdeu
3.      asked for directions = pediu orientações
4.      Excuse me = com licença
5.      Can = poder
6.      Sure! = claro!
7.      get to = chegar a
8.      the best way = a melhor forma
9.      take = tomar
10.    a little expensive = um pouco caro
11.    could = poderia
12.    also = também
13.    subway = metro
14.    far from here = longe daqui
15.    may be = pode estar
16.    crowded = lotada
17.    should = deveria
18.    definitely = definitivamente
19.    cheaper = mais barato
20.    there is a bus stop = há um ponto de onibus
21.    near here = perto daqui
22.    turn left at the traffic light = vire à direita no semáforo
23.    cross the street = atravessar a rua
24.    must be careful = deve tomar cuidado