A happy girl (Presente simples)

A Happy girl
(Presente Simples)

My name is Mary. I am a 12-year-old girl. I am very happy. I love my family and my family loves me too. We live(1) in a small town(2). My house is comfortable(3) and beautiful. The school where(4) I study is two blocks away from(5) my house. Susan is my neighbor(6) and my best friend(7). She is 11-years-old. She is a good and intelligent girl. We always go to(8) school together(9). After(10) school, Susan goes to(11) my house and we do our(12) homework(13) together. After finishing(14) homework I usually(15) go to Susan’s house(16) and we play(17) in the garden(18). After playing a lot(19) I come back home(20).


1.        Live = morar

2.        small town = cidade pequena
3.        comfortable = confortável
4.        where = onde
5.        two blocks away from = dois quarteirões de distância de
6.        neighbor = vizinho(a)
7.        best friend = melhor amigo(a)
8.        always go to = sempre vamos para
9.        together = juntos(a)
10.      After = depois
11.      goes to = vai para (3a. pessoa)
12.      our = nosso(a)
13.      homework = lição de casa
14.      After finishing = Após terminar
15.      Usually = normalmente
16.      Susan’s house = casa de Susan
17.      Play = brincar
18.      Garden = jardim
19.      A lot = bastante
20.      come back home = volto pra casa