A lazy boy (Question tag)

Mauro is a 17 years old boy. He lives (1) with his parents. But Mauro is a little lazy(2).  
Yesterday, his mother came home(3) and found him(4) lying on the sofa(5) 
in the afternoon. 

 So, she asked him(6): Mauro, you have worked today, haven’t you? 
-Mauro: no, I haven’t.
-His mother: why Mauro? You are not sick(7), are you?
-Mauro: no, I am not.
-His mother: so, why haven’t you gone to work?
-Mauro: Because I overslept(8) mom! 
-His mother: Oh! But you went to bed early(9) yesterday, didn’t you? 
-Mauro: no, I didn’t.
So, His mother advised(10) him - if you don’t become(11) more responsible, 
you will lose(12) your job. You don’t want to lose your job, do you? 
-Mauro: well…I don’t know!!!
- His mother: What?!!!!


1. Lives = mora
2. A little lazy = um pouco preguiçoso
3. Came home = chegou em casa
4. Found him = encontrou-o
5. Lying on the sofa = deitado no sofá
6. Asked him = perguntou-lhe
7. Sick = doente
8. overslept = perdi a hora
9. Went to be early =  foi para a cama cedo
10. Advised = aconselhou
11. Become = tornar-se
12. Lose = perder