Believe in yourself (Pronomes Reflexivos)

Believe in yourself

Victoria is an example of a successful(1) woman. Through(2) her hard work she started her own business(3) by herself(4), and when somebody doubted(5) her capacity, she simply went ahead(6) and trusted herself(7).  Successful people believe in themselves(8).
If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?(9) We must(10) believe in ourselves, because obstacles(11) and difficulties are part of life, and life is the art of overcoming them(12). When we believe we can(13), we risk much more than(14) when we think we are incapable of doing something(15). People who are not self-confident(16) are only(17) in their comfort zone(18) and never explore anything new(19). So, never stop believing in yourself.


1.        successful = bem-sucedido(a)
2.        Through = através de
3.        started her own business = começou seu próprio negócio
4.        by herself = sozinha
5.        doubted = duvidava
6.        simply went ahead = simplesmente seguia em frente
7.        trusted herself = confiava em si mesma
8.        believe in themselves = acreditam ems i mesmos
9.        who will?   = Quem vai (acreditar)?
10.     Must = devemos
11.     Obstacles = obstáculos
12.     life is the art of overcoming them = a vida é a arte de superá-los
13.     can = podemos
14.     we risk much more than = nós arriscamos muito mais do que
15.     incapable of doing something = incapazes de fazer algo
16.     self-confident = auto-confiantes
17.     only = somente
18.     comfort zone = zona de conforto

19.     never explore anything new = nunca exploram nada novo