A perfect day (verbo to be - Presente)

 A perfect day 
(Verbo to be – Presente)

 My name is Annie, I am 14 years old(1). I am very happy today because it is winter now(2) but it’s not very cold(3). It is a beautiful sunny(4) day! My parents(5) love winter too. They are not so old(6): My mother is 45 and my father is 47. My brother Michael is an intelligent young(7) boy.  He’s 10 years old. We are a very happy family. It’s Sunday today and we are walking(8) in the park.  Isn’t it a perfect day?

1.       I am 14 years old = Tenho 14 anos de idade
2.       It is winter now = É inverno agora
3.       Cold = frio
4.       Sunny = ensolarado
5.       Parents = pais
6.       so old =  tão velhos
7.       young = jovem
8.       walking = caminhando