This is an amazing place

Charles and Rose were walking (1) in a very large park(2). The place was amazing (21)!

      -Charles: Look at that!(3) It is a beautiful place(4)!
       -Rose: Yes, for sure! (5) See those(6) trees and these(7) flowers. This place is simply(8) surreal.
        -Charles: see that lake(9)! We can swim(10) there.
      - Rose: I don’t think(11) it is a good idea. I think it is dangerous(12)!
       -Charles: Ok Rose, you are right! (13)

 Everything was quiet, when they heard a noise(14):

       -Charles: Did you hear(15) that?
        -Rose:    Yes, I did! What’s that?(16) It looks like a bear!(17)
- Charles : Oh my God! It is a bear!!! Let’s get away from here!(18)

They were very scared(19) and ran away from there(20).


1.       were walking = estavamcaminhando
2.       very large park = Parque muito grande
3.       Look at that! = Olhe isso!
4.       place = lugar
5.       for sure! = com certeza!
6.       Those = aquelas
7.       These = estas
8.       Simply = simplesmente
9.       Lake = lago
10.   Swim = nadar
11.   I don’t think= eu não acho
12.   Dangerous = perigoso
13.   you are right! = você está certo(a)
14.   heard a noise= ouviram um barulho
15.   hear = ouvir
16.   What’s that? = o que é isso?
17.   It looks like a bear!= parece um urso!
18.   Let’s get away from here! = vamos embora daqui!
19.   They were very scared = eles ficaram com medo
20.   ran away from there= fugiram de lá
21.   amazing = incrível