A Brazilian in New York (Present Perfect)

A Brazilian in New York 
(Present Perfect)

I’ve been here in New York for exactly 2 weeks. It’s hard to believe(1) because so much has happened(2). I was pretty(3) nervous before leaving(4) Brazil because I didn’t know if I would get along(5) with people here and if my English would be good enough(6) to talk to them, but it’s been fine(7) since my first day.

I have made a lot of friends and we’ve gotten along(8) really well since we met(9). It feels as if(10) I’ve known them for years(11)! But there’s one thing I really miss(12). I haven’t heard(13) any football news for a long time!


1.        hard to believe = dificil de acreditar
2.        so much has happened = tanta coisa tem acontecido
3.        pretty = bastante
4.        before leaving = antes de deixar
5.        get along = dar-se bem com alguem
6.        enough = o suficiente
7.        it’s been fine = tem sido legal
8.        we’ve gotten along = Temos nos entendido
9.        since we met = Desde que nos conhecemos
10.     It feels as if = Parece como se
11.     I’ve known them for years = Eu os conhecesse ha anos
12.     Miss = sentir falta
13.     I haven’t heard = não tenho ouvido