I will travel next week

I will visit my aunt(1) Mary in Salvador next week. I would like(2) to travel by airplane(3), but my mother wants to go by bus, because she says the airplane ticket(4) is very expensive(5). Actually(6), she is afraid of flying(7).

 I don’t think that(8)  going by bus is a good idea, because it will be a very long and tiring(9) trip(10), but I won’t disappoint(11) my mother.

 We will stay(12) there for one week, but, to be honest (13), I can’t wait to(14) come back home(15)!


1.        Aunt = tia
2.        I would like = eu gostaria
3.        travel by airplane = viajar de avião
4.        ticket = passage
5.        expensive = caro(a)
6.        Actually = Na verdade
7.        afraid of flying = medo de voar
8.        I don’t think that   = Eu não acho que
9.        Tiring = cansativo(a)
10.     Trip = viagem
11.     Disappoint = decepcionar
12.     Stay = ficar
13.     to be honest = para ser sincera(o)
14.     I can’t wait to = mal posso esperar para
15.  come back home = voltar para casa