Everything was perfect (verbo to be passado)

Everything was perfect 
(verbo to be passado)

Peter and his family were(1) on the beach(2). They were enjoying(3) a lot(4). Peter was playing soccer(5) with his friends on the beach. His parents(6) were in the sea(7) enjoying the water. The day was sunny(8) and very beautiful. Everything(9) was perfect, when it started raining(10). Peter was very angry(11). They went(12) to the hotel to wait for the rain to stop(13). It was almost noon(14). They were hungry and went(15) to the restaurant to have lunch(16). Peter and his friends went to the game room to play(17) video games. Later, the rain stopped and they went back to(18) the beach.


1.     Were = estavam
2.     Beach = praia
3.     Enjoying = curtindo
4.     a lot = muito
5.     playing soccer = jogando futebol
6.     parents = pais
7.     sea = mar
8.     The day was sunny = o dia estava ensolarado
9.     Everything = tudo
10.   when it started raining = quando começou a chover
11.   was very angry = ficou muito bravo
12.   went = foram
13.   wait for the rain to stop = esperar a chuva parar
14.   almost noon = quase meio-dia
15.   went = foram
16.   have lunch = almoçar
17.   play = jogar
18.   went back to = voltaram para