Hanging out with friends (Pronomes Pessoais)

Hanging out with friends (Pronomes pessoais)

Julian wanted to take a walk(1) in the park, but he didn’t want to go alone(2). So, he called(3) his friend Marcus to invite him(4). Marcus’ mother answered the phone(5), but he wasn’t at home. So Julian decided to call his other friend Jacqueline. She answered the phone and Julian asked her(6): “Would you like to go to the park with me(7)?” Jacqueline told him(8): “I would like very much, but I can’t(9), because I have to study today”. Julian was very disappointed(10) because his friends could not go(11) to the park with him(12). He loves to hang out(13) with them. So, Julian decided to stay at home and watch(14) television. Next day, Jacqueline called Julian and said(15): “I am going to the mall(16) with Marcus. Would you like to go with us(17)? Julian was very happy, because he would finally(18) hang out with them!


1.       take a walk = dar uma volta
2.       alone = sozinho
3.       called = ligou
4.       invite him = convidá-lo
5.       answered the phone = atendeu ao telephone
6.       asked her = perguntou a ela
7.       with me = comigo
8.       told him = disse a ele
9.       I can’t = não posso
10.   Disappointed = decepcionado
11.   could not go = não poderiam ir
12.   with him = com ele
13.   hang out = sair
14.   watch = assistir
15.   said = disse
16.   mall = Shopping  Center
17.   with us = conosco

18.   Finally = Finalmente