John and his friend (Passado Simples)

John and his friend
(Passado Simples)

John went1 to his friend’s house Victor to invite2 him to play soccer3, but he had gone to buy4 bread and milk to the afternoon snack5. John waited6 for Victor, but he took a long time7 to come back8. Victor’s mother was worried about9 him, but he finally arrived10. His mother asked11 him the reason for his delay12. So, Victor said13 that there were a lot of people14 in the bakery15. Victor invited his friend to have coffee16 with him. They had coffee and went out17 to play soccer.


1.       Went = foi
2.       Invite = convidar
3.       play soccer = jogar futebol
4.       had gone to buy = tinha ido comprar
5.       afternoon snack = lance da tarde
6.       waited = esperou
7.       took a long time = demorou muito
8.       come back = voltar
9.       worried about = preocupada com
10.    arrived = chegou
11.    asked = perguntou
12.    delay = atraso
13.    said = disse
14.    there were a lot of people = havia muitas pessoas
15.    bakery = padaria
16.    have coffee = tomar café
17.    went out = sairam