My Family (Possessivos Adjetivos)

My name is Albert. I am 26 years old (1). I have one sister(2) and one brother(3). My brother is 20 years old. His name(4) is John. My sister is 23. Her name(5) is Karen. Our parents(6) work in another(7) city and they have to travel every day. Their names(8) are Robert and Linda. We also(9) have a dog. Its name(10) is Toto. We live in a big house and I think we are very happy. What about your family?(11) How many(12) brothers and sisters do you have?


1.       I am 26 years old = Tenho 26 anos de idade
2.       Sister = irmã
3.       Brother = irmão
4.       His name = nome dele
5.       Her name = nome dela
6.       Our parents = nossos pais
7.       Another= uma outra
8.       Their names = Os nomes deles
9.       Also = também
10.   Its name =o nome dele (neutro)
11.   What about your family?= E a sua familia?
12.   How many = Quantos