My Own car (Condicional)

My own car

I would like(1) to have my own(2) car. It would be amazing(3)!
If I had(4) a car, I would travel to the beach(5) with my friends, I wouldn’t stay at home(6) on weekends and I would date(7) a lot of(8) girls, for sure(9).
 But the most important thing(10): I would not depend on(11) public transportation anymore(12)!
 Definitely(13), my life would be much better(14)! So, I decided to save money(15) to buy(16) a car until(17) the end of this year.


1.        I would like = Eu gostaria
2.        Own = próprio(a)
3.        Amazing = incrível, fantastico
4.        If I had = Se eu tivesse
5.        Beach = praia
6.        I wouldn’t stay at home = Eu não ficaria em casa
7.        Date = namorar
8.        a lot of = muitas(os)
9.        for sure = com certeza
10.     the most important thing = a coisa mais importante
11.     depend on = depender de
12.     anymore = mais
13.     Definitely = Definitivamente
14.     would be much better = seria muito melhor
15.     I decided to save money = Eu decidi economizar dinheiro
16.     Buy = comprar

17.     Until = até