It would be a busy day (Verbo to be - Condicional)

It would be a busy day
(Verbo to be - Condicional)

Today would be(1) a very busy(2) day because I would have(3) a lot of things to do(4) at work. But I am very sick(5) and I can’t(6) work today. It wouldn’t be(7) good for my health(8) to work this way(9), so I will stay(10) at home. I would be very happy if my TV wasn’t broken(11). Anyway(12), it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sleep all day long(13), would it?


1.        would be = seria
2.        busy = ocupado
3.        would have = teria
4.        a lot of things to do = Muitas coisas para fazer
5.        sick = doente
6.        can’t = não posso, não consigo
7.        It wouldn’t be = Não seria
8.        Health = saúde
9.        This way  = desta forma
10.     Stay = ficar
11.     wasn’t broken = não estivesse quebrada
12.     Anyway = De qualquer forma
13.     Anyway = Dormir o dia todo